When it comes to high-end Home Audio and Home Theatre systems, you can expect Trigma to offer you the best. Not just that, we can design your room decor, its acoustics and integrate home automation too. So what you get is a complete turnkey solutions from the country’s most experienced team of engineers

We offer Home theatre solutions that are cutting edge, with 4k Projection systems, Dolby Atmos surround sound, and incredible electronics that fit the dimensions of your room.

We pride on having some of the best speaker brands from across the world with brands like JBL, Lexicon, Denon, Polk, KEF, Infinity, Revel and Mark Levinson the best audio solutions to cater to different price ranges.

Indulge in 4k & Ultra HD viewing with Projectors from Epson, Sony.

AV receivers & Amplifiers from Denon, Heos, Polk, KEF, Marantz and Lexicon.

Solutions, not just sales – Our team of AV specialists and audio engineers will assist you in every aspect to ensure that you get the solution that perfectly addresses your needs: product selection and configuration, cabling, installation, acoustics management and upgrades.

So, whether you’re looking for a customized home theatre solution, or want to upgrade from your current audio system, or have a mega commercial AV requirement, you have the answer right in your hands.

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Public Address / Digital Voice Evacuation System for Conference rooms

Emergency Voice Alarm Communication Systems provide pre-recorded and manual voice messaging to building occupants. Voice Alarm systems are typically used in high-rise buildings, arenas and other large "defend-in-place" occupancies such as Hospitals and Detention facilities where total evacuation is difficult to achieve.

Voice-based systems provide response personnel with the ability to conduct orderly evacuation and notify building occupants of changing event circumstances.

In high rise buildings, different evacuation messages may be played to each floor, on the location of the fire. The floor the fire is on along with ones above it may be told to evacuate while floors much lower may simply be asked to stand by.

public address

Auditoriums and Amphitheatre

Imagine classrooms equipped with the finest learning aids like digital screens, video switching & automation systems. Imagine auditoriums that bring your events alive with the world’s best audio and lighting solutions. Imagine conferences that are not just perfect and glitch free but consistently so with cutting-edge video and audio solutions that make doing business across continents a pleasure.