Surveillance Systems:

CCTV is critical for surveillance, security purposes and Traffic monitoring. We ensure strategic placement of cameras, installation of monitors and/or video recorders and setting up the required wired or wireless communication links.

Fire Alarm Systems:

Automatic Fire Alarm Detection System consists of Fire Alarm Control Panel along with Smoke Detectors, Heat Detectors, Beam Detectors, Pull Stations as a Initiating devices as well as Hooter, Siren, Strobes Lights, Response Indicator as a Notification devices. The Control Panel receives signal from Triggered Detector or Pull Station and transmits the signal to the notification device, it also supervise the system wiring and Primary Power Source to the Panel. Auxiliary power supplies (Battery back up) in the Control Panel are required in event of power failure.

1) Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panels employ one or more Signaling Line Circuits, slang - usually referred to as loops or SLC loops - ranging between one and thirty. Each SLC polls the device connected, which can number from a few devices to several hundred, depending on the manufacturer. Large systems may have multiple Signaling Line Circuits

2) Conventional Fire Alarm Control Panels employs one or more circuits, connected to sensors (initiating devices) wired in parallel. These sensors are devised to dramatically decrease the circuit resistance when the environmental influence on any sensor exceeds a predetermined threshold. In a conventional fire alarm system, the information density is limited to the number of such circuits used.

Access Control Systems:

1. Time & Attendance Management
Time and Attendance with Door Access Control Machine with Fingerprint/RFID and Optional with Password and Face detection for Time Management and Canteen Management

2. Door Locks with Fingerprint / RFID Card / Password and Face detection

a. To Avoid Unauthorized Entry, For Safe and Security System, Using Card, Biometric and Face Detection for authorized Entry.
b. Used in Office, Residences, ATM Centers, Hospitals etc.


3. Hotel Door Lock with RFID with Hotel Management Software
RFID Hotel Door locks with Energy Saving Switch for Light and Appliance ON/OFF Control with RFID /Card /Tag for Hotels etc.

Video Door Phones
1. Standalone – A standalone VDP is a device used in villas or by individual home owners. a. Analog VDP
b. Connected digital VDP
c. Wireless video door bell
2. Multi-apartment- This is a solution where there is an mass housing scenario. a. Analog Multi-apartment systems – This is an Analog VDP providing 3 tier security.
b. IP VDP Multi-apartment system – This is IP VDP which is 3 tier security and integration with BMS (Building management system),Security systems like intrusion , CCTV building security and in most cases even Home Automation.